Ten Mistakes Reporters Make When Covering Polls

Rick Dunham, the Hearst Washington Bureau Chief, recently created a highly useful list of ten mistakes reporters make when using polls.  This list covers everything from misunderstanding basic statistics, to question bias, to improperly comparing similar, but not identical, questions.  I highly recommend a read of this list, as it should help prevent common mistakes involving coverage of polls in the future.

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10 lessons for the future from women in media

Crowdsourcing, crisis reporting, open-source platforms and other free tools, news cyborgs and more: Poynter.org’s Matt Thompson talks about why women leaders are on the cutting edge of new reporting and what to look for in 2011.

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Newspapers & Social Media

The Poynter Institute reports that the New York Times has phased out its social media editor position.

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Six Ways Journalists Can Use Twitter Better

Sree Sreenivasan, dean of student affairs at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, writes a great article about the use of Twiiter among journalists and offers insight about what makes a good profile and best practices, including:

Upgrade your bio;
Upgrade your lists;
Think through your tweets; and
Study others’ Twitter feeds

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Facebook and Journalism

From an ongoing discussion on a women journalists’ listserv, Marie T offered “a few observations from a middle-aged journalist about using social media as a professional tool.” They are:

Journalists need to be involved in social media personally and professionally if we mean to understand our sources, our communities, and communication at any level.

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How to Embrace Social Media

New York Times reporter David Pogue writes an article “For Those Facebook Left Behind.” The article is a great primer on the most popular social media sites and how to embrace them.

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