A Fond Farewell

After an amazing 30 years of making significant progressive policy advances, we the founders and board of CCMC are picking up stakes and moving forward. It is time for us to make room for a new generation of strategic communications experts, light a few more torches and focus on the bucket list of projects and activities that comes with aging graciously.

Based on our many lessons learned, together our relationships, conversations and ideas will move us forward to the year 2020 and beyond.

Why 2020? The year is a critically important marker that includes the 100-year celebration of women’s voting rights, another decennial census, global reviews of critical issues from gender equality to global population shifts, the environment, reproductive justice, child welfare, human rights and more – not to mention the U.S. Elections. Keep in mind 2020 is also the year we will need both perfect vision and excellent hindsight.

We say thank-you to our wonderful staff and consultants of these many years and to our terrific partners and donors. We all still have lots of work ahead for getting the world on-track toward a compassionate, safe, healthy place for our generation and the many more to follow.

You can reach us for a few months more at info@ccmc.org.

January 1, 2019