About CCMC

The Communications Consortium Media Center (CCMC) is a public interest media center dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations use media and new technologies as tools for public education and policy change.

CCMC was created in 1988 by veteran nonprofit communications and media specialists who understood that effective communications strategies are essential for turning ideas into public policy.

CCMC has proved that with a clear mission and the right strategic communications skills, even small volunteer organizations can succeed in making their cases to the public and to policy makers.

CCMC is supported primarily by foundations and large donors for projects lasting one to five years. We have developed and implemented dozens of creative, successful campaigns that resulted in impressive policy gains. Our work has focused on a cluster of issues in the United States and around the world: children and families, early education and child welfare reform, health care, women’s equality, reproductive rights, global population, the environment, voting, civil rights, and immigration.

Mission and Values

In a democratic society, informed debate is the cornerstone of good public policy. The Communications Consortium Media Center seeks to influence public debate in ways that support individual rights, healthy families, cultural diversity and a sustainable environment.

We believe collaboration among nonprofit groups sharing goals is an effective way to gain credibility and influence public policy.

CCMC works to empower diverse and underrepresented communities to participate more fully in decisions affecting their lives.

Please contact Donna Morris at 202.326.8700 for copies of our governing documents and conflict of interest policy. To view our most recent IRS 990, please click here.