Children, Families, Work and Communities 2020

Children, Families, Work and Community are the foundation of our American society. Our goal is that by the year 2020, parents can better balance their family and work lives and that our economy can sustain quality jobs and full health benefits. We hope all children can grow up in safe and stable families and that strong communities provide the many social services needed to achieve a quality education leading to good jobs and prosperous futures. To reach these goals, our projects work on issues that promote:

  • protecting children
  • supporting young people
  • helping families help themselves
  • improving the workplace
  • building communities

Children’s Issues

Starting with CCMC’s first project, “The Great American Family Tour,” which was launched to make family policy part of the 1988 presidential campaign, issues important to the well-being of children remain a core tenet of our work. Our involvement in this field has included strategic communications efforts on early care and education, foster care reform, learning disabilities and seamless transitions for children between preschool and the early grades of elementary school.

The Census Project
Civil rights and community organizations depend on U.S. Census data to determine whether all segments of the population are treated fairly in the apportionment of public and private resources. CCMC’s Census Project is a multi-year effort involving more than 20 stakeholder groups with a focus on obtaining full federal funding for Census 2010.

Children Family Work News
Children Family Work News (CFW) disseminates full-text articles on child welfare, early education and low-wage work issues from LexisNexis from more than 36,000 publications. CFW allows subscribers, including advocates, policymakers and journalists, to view full unedited text of recent news articles in one e-mail after they select the exact topics and geographical areas they are interested in. Users subscribed to children and familiy issues receive clips every weekday while those subscribed to low-wage work topics receive clips on Monday and Thursdays. CFW adds no text or commentary.