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Strategic Communications for Nonprofits

Strategic Communications for Nonprofits was first published in 1999. In this newly updated 2nd edition, the authors provide a nuts-and-bolts guide to help nonprofits design and implement successful communications strategies. Our book offers a unique combination of step-by-step guidance on effective media relations and assistance in constructing and developing an overall communications strategy aimed at creating social or policy change. It explains the basic principles of a strategic communications strategy that will define the target audiences you need to reach and tells how to develop the messages and messengers you use to reach them. Specific issues addressed include earning good media coverage, building partnerships to increase available resources, handling a crisis, and more. New and updated features include: new case studies; new trends in media and branding; ethnic media issues; and trends in technology.

The Authors Kathy Bonk is a cofounder and executive director of CCMC. Emily Tynes is a cofounder of CCMC and recently retired communications director of the ACLU. Henry Griggs, a cofounder of CCMC, is a writer and communications consultant. Phil Sparks is a senior advisor and cofounder of CCMC. Each author has extensive experience working with policy issues.

Exclusive Online chapters

When CCMC wrote the second edition of its book, we were a hundred pages over our allotted limit. Rather than throwing that content away, we decided to post the full-length extra chapters online.

Read the online-only chapters of CCMC’s book, Strategic Communications for Nonprofits here: