A Note on Newspaper Clips

Aside from their many other uses, newspaper clips can be an effective addition to any printed package of materials. They can also be a big draw on a site, especially if a blogger decides to refer to a clip about you by linking to your site.

Scan articles that appear in the newspapers. You may need to do a little physical cutting and pasting to come up with a pleasing layout that is easy to follow. Include the date, the publication name, and the page number where the story appeared. It can’t hurt to keep a few copies of recent clips in paper folder for ready access.

Whatever storage system you develop, keep it simple. Unless clips are under control, they can pile up to unmanageable levels. And be sure to obtain reprint permission from publishers before sending out large numbers of copies to the media or prospective donors, or you can be sued. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail with the link to the article, since most publications don’t object to information sharing that drives traffic to their own sites.