Advantages of Paid Advertising

Control: The Main Advantage

When the news media report favorably on your issue, it gains credibility for having passed through the editorial filter or screening process. But paid advertising offers the advantage of control”in terms of timing the ad, targeting the audience, and selecting the ad’s content”which is simply lacking in an earned media campaign.

Timing the Ad:

A full-page newspaper ad can reach journalists and other opinion leaders on the morning of an important announcement, vote, or other event. You can gain full control of the timing, but you will pay for the privilege.

Targeting the Audience:

Advertisers want to know that people of the targeted age, sex, race, or income will see their message. Picking the right station for your radio spot, for example, can reliably deliver a message to specific groups, such as women over age 65.

Selecting the Ad’s Content:

When you pay for an ad, you dictate what it says and how it says it.