Daybooks are event calendars posted by wire services and larger news organizations in Washington, D.C. and other good-sized cities that list each day’s area news events. Basic details are given for each event, including: location, time, speaker and contact person. Editors use daybooks to assign reporters and photographers to events they’ve chosen to cover.

Daybooks Quick Tips

  • Email your media advisory to the daybook editor no later than noon the day before the event . Follow up with a phone call to make sure your advisory has been received. Listings for the following day start to appear about 2:00 p.m. Check the listings to make sure yours is posted and is accurate.
  • If the event is occurring outside Washington, call The Associated Press (AP) wire service bureau in that location and send a media advisory to its daybook. Phone numbers for AP bureaus are listed in the News Media Yellow Book or can be found on the AP Web site.

Weekly Daybook Quick Tips

  • If you have enough lead time before an event (five days is ideal), email your advisory no later than noon on Thursday of the week before the event. Weekly listings start to appear about 1:30 p.m. on Fridays. Check the listings to make sure yours is posted and is accurate.
  • If an event is listed on the weekly daybook, it will automatically be listed on the daily daybook, too.

D.C. Daybooks

After emailing, call and ask to speak to the daybook editor to make sure the information was received and will be placed in the daybook.