Getting the Message Out Through Print

Every piece of paper, website page or social media posting that your office produces is a message delivery system that can further your policy goals. Make them all media-friendly because you never know who will see them!

Website Pages

These can have nearly all the items below, with careful organization.

Media Materials

  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Media advisories
  • Blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook, Pinterest etc. postings
  • Videos, audio feeds
  • Op eds
  • Letters to editors
  • Cover letters
  • Fact sheets
  • Photos, graphs, charts
  • Reprints of previous media coverage

Other materials

  • Research reports and studies
  • Policy briefs
  • Annual reports
  • Activity reports
  • Resource lists
  • Project descriptions
  • Items using other people’s writings
    • Media analyses
    • News coverage summaries
    • Report summaries
  • Minutes or summaries of meetings
  • Grant proposals*
  • Reports to funders*
  • Lists of contacts*

* Not for website