Social Media Tips

General Tips

The following tips apply to all platforms:

  • Be concise: Many social media users, including reporters, skim through feeds quickly. Your post should capture attention in a few seconds with brief but meaningful messages.
  • Use hashtags (#) before key terms in your post: Hashtags are a way for many different people to link to the same idea. When you use hashtags for a campaign on social media, more people are likely to see your post.
  • Engage with others: Follow others with similar goals or messages. If you are talking about another person or organization in your social media post, include their account names so they can see your mention of them.
  • Update often: Depending on the platform, update at least once a day to show you are active and stay on your followers’ radar. You can use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite to post even when you are away or busy.
  • Monitor successes: Keep track of which posts do well and why — and which ones flop. Use a service that track clicks. When you find out what worked, review, repeat, and reuse.

Be Friendly on Facebook

  • Use photos and videos: “Rich media” does well on Facebook. Use it to tell a story instead of plain text. One photo is worth 1,000 words and characters.
  • Respond to commenters: If a follower or fan posts or comments on your page, make sure to comment back with a helpful or appreciative response.

Twitter Tweets

  • Make a clear call to action: Let readers know what your message is and what you want them to do.
  • Retweet relevant content posted by other users.
  • Shorten and sweet: You have very limited space, so don’t worry too much about perfect grammar or spelling. Get your message across in as few characters as possible. Shorten your links with services like Bitly.

Instagram Images

  • Think themes and messages: Show consistent ideas in your photos. Let users see your postings and know what they are signing up for when they follow you.
  • Filters: Experiment with the different filters and settings to enhance your photos.

Pinterest Postings

  • Words matter: When you pin or re-pin, make sure the pin’s description uses key terms that might come up in other searches.
  • Organize your boards: More people are likely to follow your board or account if it is organized and easy to view.

You and YouTube

  • Upload with a clear title: The video file you upload from your computer should have a clear title. Thumbs up to Sex Education for Youth, not MOVIE1234. Use words likely to appear in searches and catch the eyes of new viewers.
  • Catchy captions: Use headlines and caption space to give buzz to your video. Liberally link to your website and other social media accounts.