Tips for Audio Press Conference and Audio Briefings

Nancy Bennett, a freelance communications professional, has organized literally hundreds of audio conferences. Here are a few of her tips to presenters:

It’s even more important to prepare your remarks for an audio conference than for a regular press conference because there are no visual clues.

Don’t use jargon. Don’t ramble. The careful use of words and phrases, which is of course important in a regular press conference, is twice as important in an audio conference.

Prepare a brief introduction for the moderator to use when introducing you. Plan to be available by phone for several hours after the call if reporters have questions while they’re writing their stories.

Use a good-quality land line. Refrain from using a speaker or mobile phone in order to keep ambient sound as low as possible. No one other than the speaker should be talking in the room; turn off any phones or pagers that may ring.

Identify yourself each time you begin speaking, especially if your voice and the other presenters’ voices sound similar over the phone. Start each response with “This is [your name].”

At the end of the call, the moderator should repeat the name of the relevant Web site and a phone number for more information.